I LOVE to Design!

Loving where you live doesn’t always mean moving; sometimes it’s about reinventing your space.  A renovation can transform what you have into your dream home.

You Can do It

Love Your Space, Redesign Your Place

This is more than just a catchphrase—it’s a philosophy! In a world that’s constantly evolving, our homes should too. It’s not always about moving, but rather reimagining and reshaping our current spaces to fit our ever-changing needs and desires. Embrace the potential of your home, and let your creativity shine. After all, every room holds the promise of a fresh design and a renewed love for where you live.

Creating your dream space - Kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen into an open concept not only modernizes the space but also creates a welcoming atmosphere. Embrace this transformation, and you’ll fall in love with the seamless blend of functionality and style it offers.

Enlarging your home - Basement

A finished basement complete with a bedroom and ample storage is a game-changer, offering both luxury and practicality. You’ll adore the added living space, ensuring guests have comfort while maximizing every square foot of your home.

An Oasis at Home - Primary Suite

A complete primary suite, featuring both a walk-in shower and a tub, is the epitome of luxury and relaxation. You’ll absolutely cherish the spa-like experience, making every day feel like a retreat in your very own sanctuary.

Here's what they said . . .

“We love our lot and the neighborhood, we didn’t want to leave. But we wanted the open concept kitchen/main floor. After working with Elaine, we were able to figure out a way to make our home renovation dreams come true!”

– Rachel T.

how it works


Embarking on a redesign journey with me ensures a stress-free process as we collaborate to transform your chosen space, be it a kitchen, basement, or primary bedroom. We work together through iterative changes, tailoring every detail until your vision aligns perfectly with your future space. My commitment is to make the redesign experience enjoyable, ensuring you fall in love with the final result.


We connect to get an idea of your projects and make sure I can help you in the ways you need

Wish List Meeting

I come to the space to meet with you and we start to create your wish list for your new space. While there I will measure the space to create the original floor layout to set the stage for the floor design options. 


I will take 1 to 2 weeks to recreate your space in my design software. AutoCAD is my program of choice. I will work to come up with as many designs options as possible.

Design Reveal

I will send you the final drawing package ahead fo this meeting. It will give you a chance to digest the new ideas and see what resonates with you and your space. I'll meet again with you in your home and walk through the designs. There are pros and cons to each home renovation option and we'll discuss those.

Final Design

I will take everything discussed at the meeting and work with you to come up with the final design. This drawing could then be given to contractors to quote the work required.


For Renovators

Different is Good!

What makes working with me different?

Redesign with me!

Set Up a No Obligation

Design Quote

Contact me today to receive a no-obligation home renovation design quote tailored to your unique needs. Let’s start the conversation about bringing your vision to life!

Have Questions About a Home Renovation and
Design Options?

Ask me for examples of past designs to help you see what i can do!

No, the design drawings provided are not for permit purposes. My drawings are conceptional drawings to help you decide on the layout of the project. Once that is decided, proper permit drawings will need to be drafted. These permit drawings include detailed information to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations. Your contractor will recommend a drafter. 

Do I Need A Permit – Waterloo

Do I Need A Permit – Kitchener

Designing is an exciting and stressful process. I will take your wish list and provide you with as many design options as I can create. These could introduce new ideas you may not have considered. I will work with you to do as many changes or redrafts as needed to create the final design that you would go forward with.  Don’t be shy to ask for changes, this is very important in working towards a final decision.  Undertaking a renovations is no easy task, my role is to get you started on the right foot with the vision and design you hope for. 

Yes, I collaborate with contractors, offering support and assistance in any way needed to ensure the renovation is completed to the highest standard. My aim is to facilitate a smooth and efficient renovation process from start of to finish.


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